It’s Movember!

It’s Movember and my nails are on on the action!


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Nails are new too

Along with the school routine starting again? It’s also time to stop neglecting my nails. Today I went with a simple but stunning design from my favorite nail tech, Doris at Inventive Nails.


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Kindergarten and Grade 3!!

I can’t believe it’s school time again!! And now both my babies are in school. Kane is in Grade3 already and now Sienna is starting kindergarten!! Where has the time gone?!?

Pics of back to school coming soon.

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Easter nails



Today I got my new nails done. Easter nails all ready for the big weekend. My little chickie is way too cute don’t you think? And same with my little bunny. Thank you Doris at Inventive Nails!

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March 8


Mister Kaner eating a grilled cheese at IHOP today… Always looking around and never just sitting still 😉

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March 7


Sometimes karma works in odd ways. I have been helping a friend out lately and she bought me a coffee as a small little thank you. I won a coffee on it. So essentially two coffees from her. So sweet…. But it gets better I just won a free coffee after using my free coffee rim!! That makes 3 coffees for me!!

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March 6


Sienna let me do her hair this morning. Not braids but at least she let me do something different!!

And a quick coupon update… Used $13.29 worth of coupons today!!

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March 5

My Oscar sleeping beside me on the couch. He was snoring and so asleep that he didn’t even notice me get up 🙂

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March 2 update


Today’s pic is my Oscar. Apparently being close to me on the couch is more important than comfort… How his legs go that way I have no idea!

Second update of the day is for my couponing again. Did a little shopping today. Saved almost $32 at Walmart and over $50 at Save-On. I’ll have to do the exact calculation later on.

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March 1


Doris at Inventive Nails does another awesome job on my nails!!! She is amazing 🙂

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